A Mother's Surrender

When my son Jonathan was thirteen years old, he was out one day riding his bike with his older brother Mike, and his best friend Simon, they were coming down a hill. They weren't wearing helmets and he hit a rock and flipped over, landing on his skull and cracked it open. I was at work, and got the call from my older son saying, "Mom, uh, Jonathan's in the
hospital. He fell off his bike and was taken to the emergency room."

My heart -- I'd never had a phone call like that -- and I just went into a state of panic. I called my sister and blurted out, "Jon's in the emergency room and I'm headed to the hospital, and I don't know what happened ..." and she said, "Let me pray for you right now!"

She prayed over me and this peace came over me. So I'm driving to the hospital in PERFECT PEACE and I said, "Lord, I know Jon belongs to you, and I surrender my son to you. He's in your hands, and I just give him to you. If you want to take him, or if you will heal him, I surrender." And that peace just kept me and I arrived at the hospital, and found him with his
head all in bandages and he was in great pain. His brain was swelling, and the situation wasn't good. But God brought him through that. He had to go through surgery to drain the blood, and to this day he has a big horse-shoe shaped scar still there, but God spared him.

But surrendering him and giving him back to God, I was able to do only because of that tremendous peace that had come upon me when my sister prayed, which enabled me to surrender to whatever the Lord decided to do. God spared him, and all I can say is "all glory to God."

Vivi A

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