Curvature In His Spine

When my husband and I were first married, he was always complaining about pain in his back. When lying down, he'd curl up to relieve pressure from his back.

One night I was giving him a back rub, and as I was massaging his back I felt the curvature that was there. His spine came down straight to that point, then it curved in, then was straight below it. I was stunned. So I just prayed. It wasn't an elaborate prayer, I just prayed, "God, I ask you to heal Mike's back, in the Name of Jesus."

All of a sudden, Mike says, "Are you putting a lot of pressure on my back?"

And I said, "No, why?"

He said, "well it feels very hot, and a lot of pressure there."

I put my hand back onto his spine and it was HOT. There was such heat there! And God healed him instantly that night. God healed him from that curvature in the spine, and he has never had pain there again. And we both give all glory to God who healed him that night.

Vivi A

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