He Told Me To Pray Over Our Dog

My children were about three and four years old and we decided to get an old English Sheep dog puppy. We drove out to where the puppy was. But when we looked at them, we couldn't decide which puppy to get, and we ended up getting two of them, one male and one female. The male was the runt of the litter, but the female was very active. When the male was about eight months old, we realized there was something not quite right with his walk, he was starting to limp. The limp continued until one day when he laid down and would not, could not, get up.

It was on a Saturday and I had to travel some distance to get him to a vet who would see him on the weekend. She took x-rays, and come to find out, he had something called "Hip Displasia." We learned that it's not unusual for this kind of dog to get Hip Displasia, but usually they only get it when they're older. The vet explained that this might have been brought on by the other dog who was very active and a bit too rough with him. The dog needed surgery and it was going to be approximately $1,000 a hip. So we're were looking at $2,000 and we didn't have that kind of money then.

So I went home. I went to the Lord and said, "Lord, you know what this is all about and how this dog is too young to have this." I put the dog out in the back yard and kept the other dog away from him.

Then a thought came into my mind, a feeling that I should pray over the dog. I just laid my hands on him, and prayed saying, "Lord, if you want this dog healed, I know beyond any doubt that you can do it." I just stayed there praying over the dog, perhaps five or ten minutes. Then I just sat back with a cool drink, and the next thing I know -- THE DOG GOT UP! Literally GOT UP and started walking!

I knew it was a miracle. We had the x-rays showing this was a true physical defect. And then to see this dog just get up like that, I just knew this was a pet miracle story. I just thanked the Lord that he put it upon my heart to lay hands on the dog and pray, because I never would have thought of doing that myself. The dog lived several more years and was just such a really good dog, a sweet, sweet dog.

Karen W

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Gayle said...

Things like this happen all the time and yet we have so many people who don't believe in either miracles or God. What a shame that is!

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