Our Cat Was Half Dead

We have a cat named Tiger who would go outside at night and not come back in. Well she was attacked by a raccoon one night and what a nightmare. It cost us over $1,000 to have her wounds drained and attended to. We hadn't found her for three days, and when we did find her, she was half dead and gangrene had set in and the vet had to carve all the gangrenous flesh off. So she ended up having a lot of flesh missing there on her back end. The vet said she would never again be able to jump and she would never be able to lift her tail higher than her back.

But she continued to stay out all night, and a few months later, she was attacked a second time. It looked like a raccoon had got her and dragged her. Exasperated, I said to my husband Mike, "we're not paying another dime on this cat!!!" But we prayed over her, and God healed her.

Awhile later, we noticed that she was listless and wouldn't eat. Our son Joseph found a large growth in her stomach area. It was a large lump which got bigger and bigger. Again, I said "we're just not spending any more money on this cat!" We were about to go on vacation, and we just prayed over that cat, and our son Joseph prayed over the cat, and then we left on vacation.

When we called home, we heard that the cat was "better," but when we got home, that cat was healed!

She can lift her tail and you can no longer tell there was any injury there. The Lord has healed this cat TWICE! And I realized that God heals not only his people, but their pets too. It's several years later now and Tiger is still with us, alive and well.

Vivi A

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